Vesc 4.12 12s2p

What settings should I use to not break the vesc, I am running a 12s2p, a Vesc for @torqueboards, and a 190kv 6374 motor for @torqueboards.

I’d use BLDC and you should be fine. Haven’t had any issues running 12s FOC on my direct FET controller but I’d avoid foc on any non direct FET controller at least at 12s.

I’d also highly recommend using ack’s firmware mod and Vesc tool. Makes motor config a breeze.

IMG_20180625_123644 I clicked read default configuration is that all I need?

The new ackmaniac tool has a wizard that will help u with ur values.

Can u add the link so I can download it or does it cost money

Its here on the forum. Use keyword search for extended tool ackmaniac. No cash required

That’s the download link you should really read through the whole forum post and watch a couple tutorials before using Imo.

I had some experience programming my BMS with a similar tool but the VESC tool is very in depth so watch some tutorials. It’s hard to find up to date videos but even the older videos use the same settings.

My first one took me probably 2 hours of fiddling till I had everything right lol my 2nd was like 5 minutes.

The more I think about it it seems there’s a gap for a VESC quick setup guide from receiving the product to updating firmware and doing all that stuff. I sure know I couldn’t find the info I was looking for easily. Maybe I’ll try to change that but really messing around with it for a couple hours was all I needed.