VESC 4.12 Motor Detection Not Working

Hi All,

I recently picked up a VESC 4.12 from a friend who purchased it from DIY Electric Skateboard. I just tried doing a motor detection with it, which isn’t going very well. When I hit the “start detection” button nothing seems to happen. No stuttering, no spinning. When I open up the realtime data, I can see that the VESC can see the current spikes when I spin the motor, and accurately tracks the ERPM. I’m sure there are no shorts on the motor wires.

Any ideas?

could be battery cutoff values, make sure they’re both lower than your power source voltage

It was set to 34v and 33v, using a 10S battery here. I tried setting both to 10V, no change.

could you post vesc settings, or try writing defaults (and adjusting cutoffs again) and redoing detection

I’d try the battery cut off settings again and make sure they match with the battery pack your testing with. That’s typically the #1 reason you wouldn’t be able to “motor detect”.

try upping min eRPM (to up to about 1000) or low duty (up to .15)

Tried all above suggestions. Nothing. Just checked the battery voltage on my multimeter, it reads 40.4V

By the way, the VESC is flashing its red light 5 times, continuously.

Go to the “terminal” tab and type “faults” after you try to run detection

“No faults registered since startup.”

Whats the input voltage and temperature reading in the real time data tab?