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Vesc 4.8-4.12 nyko kama wiring

Hi guys, I have some one email me today asking for help with the nyko Kama wiring for the Vesc, although there are many wiring photos on google from a very simple search for (vesc Kama) they are all for the vesc 4.7 and earlier not the newer 7pin versions.

The person not knowing assumed to wire it the same as the 6pin but then his receiver got hot because it wasn’t wired correctly. This could damage the vesc and your Kama receiver if you don’t wire it correctly so even tho I don’t have a nyko Kama here is how it should be wired from looking at the pin layout in the vesc schematic.


So what does the white wire do?

the white wire is a equipment ID sensor that tell nintendo what device is plugged in. has no use to us.

Oh my video game ignorance is shown again

Thanks Dude!! Got it bookmarked!! :+1: