VESC 4 cooling setup

Hi people How can I make VESC4 cooling? I want the cooling to be turned on when I work with the VESC4 and the fan speed increased from the increase in the temperature of the VESC4. Is it relational?


You can redeisgn the VESC4 PCB, manufacture your own controllers, adding an output on an unused MCU pin and make a custom modification to the firmware to control the fan.

Or you can just make an analog circuit that ventilates your enclosure proportional to enclosure temperature.

This is the whole “Y” part of “DIY” :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s so complicated. Easier to make forced cooling from a separate battery)))

You can buy very good electric skateboards already pre-engineered from Metroboard


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that’s a negative soldier. i made my heatsink in less than 5 minutes

How? Was it integrated into the VESC or does it work separately?

do you know what a heatsink is?

it’s a piece of aluminum screwed onto the vesc, contacts the FET’s with thermal pads, it also contacts the DRV

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Yes, i know)

Maybe use @Kug3lis vesc box ?

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I have VESC 4)

Is it necessary to put a fuse on 80A?

his whole post is asking about how to get sufficient power to a fan…heatsink is an obvious minimum in this case as a fan alone wouldnt do much…he wants to actively cool his vesc by a fan and heatsink; a heatsink alone is passively cooled

my point is, the vesc really doesn’t need that much cooling. also, a fan will do pretty much nothing unless it’s in a small individually sealed box


i agree with you on this. a heatsink (ie. passive cooling) is more than what is necessary for a vesc 4. the heat removal increase from adding a fan to it would be minimal and would likely only give a slight temperature decrease with minimal to no performance increase… the bottom line is essentially that if it was beneficial to actively cool vescs, the manufacturers would be doing it already.

But if @Ingvarjedi wants to do it , more power to him, its all in the diy spirit after all :smiley:

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lots of heatsinks here ready to go:

Kugies case is better but…

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I’m fucking proud of you :joy: @Kug3lis see? My obsession starts bearing fruits!

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He has them for VESC4

Watch this video. But this is a bicycle and the engine is probably more powerful