VESC 6.4 custom high current PCB design

Hello guys During Corona quarantine I designed this custom PCB. It uses 6x IPT007N06N mosfets. They have 0.66mOhm resistance compared to IRF7749 1.1mOhm (datasheet parameters at 10V gate drive)

Used mosfets are so powerful that at 50A continous board should be able to run without any heatsink at all.

Supply bypass capacitors (up to 60V): 3x 63V 680uF electrolytic + 250uF ceramic. Also includes extreme amount of ceramic capacitors next to CPU, current amplifiers, mosfet drivers and voltage regulators. Board is designed to have minimal parasitics with isolated ground (separate power GND and signal GND connected in one spot, near DC-DC regulator), lots of bypass caps everywhere and VCC and GND plane in signal section for very low noise

Parts used: 3x AD8418 current amplifiers + 6x 1 mOhm current resistors (0.5 mOhm per phase) 6x IPT007N06N mosfets 3x UCC27211 (or MP18024) mosfet drivers. Doesn´t blow up like DRV8301/02. It has higher drive current + will survive high voltage spikes from BLDC motor 1x MP4569 75V DC-DC regulator (12V for mosfet drivers) 2x LM1117 linear voltage regulators (3.3V and 5V post-regulators from 12V) 1x NRF24L01 (optional) 1x SN65HVD256 CAN-bus driver

Tested: CPU section

Not tested: Mosfet + drivers Voltage regulators CAN-bus NRF section

Photos of first hand soldered PCB. I don´t have solder stencil yet, I will order it when everything on board is tested. I am still waiting for some parts to arrive

PCB price: 9€ per 5 pcs, 4-layer, 71x65mm. Shipping was 10€ via DHL to europe, total 19€ for 5pcs. I received 6 pcs, but 2 pcs had a lot of scratches on soldermask, resulting in only 4 usable PCBs

I will calculate price of components on board. Most expensive are 6x mosfets + 1x STM32 CPU. everything else is kinda cheap


Hello Janty SVK, i am wondering, if you could send me maybe the pcb layout in a file that i can open with KiCad or some other program were i can look at them and maybe get my self some of them. It would be very nice if you could do that or me :smile: