Vesc 6.6 group buy?

Does anyone know of a group buy going on for the vesc 6.6 or a vesc 4.12 or a vesc 4.2? I am looking to buy a vesc and get it shipped to Canada and thought group buys would be way cheaper

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There’s a few lol

@hummie should be able to take care of you. He’s doing two of the group buys I believe.

I don’t think he has any going right now. I messaged him and he said not for the next 3 days or so

3 days is pretty short for group buy prices. Sounds more like your looking to buy somthing in stock.

I’m fine waiting just I finally got my electric skateboard to run then blew the esc so I gotta get a new one

What are you running it on?

36v 30ah liion battery

10s or 12s

It’s a 10s battery that I have for it

How did you fry the vesc?

30ah? The heck. What cells? How many parallel?

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I was using an alien power systems EV esc and was trying to program it and when I plugged the power into the anti spark switch the last time it killed the esc and the spark switch somehow. Tested all the voltages and they were not showing anything on my esc at any point when it was connected to another power source. That’s what I get for not taking my time I guess.

It’s 10s 10p pack. It was something like 900$

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And they are Samsung cells

:heart_eyes: What you trying to do? 100 miles on ome charge? :joy:


Yea. I’ve gotten 75 miles on the one charge so far🤣. Go big or go home I guess. The battery alone weights close to 20 pounds


Got pictures of this massive thing?

Yea. I’ll send some tomorrow.


I think it’s still in but basically if you Like Flipsky 's Facebook page and message them, you will get a 20% discount. The code is already in the forum actually, check @Lumaci posts, he used it. So you will get basically the same price of a group buy. :wink:

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