VESC 6 box for Trampa Holypro (and others)

Hello guys,

I want to share with you what consumed a lot of my spare time these last months :smiley:

This is a mount plate and cover for embedding a dual VESC 6 on a Trampa Holypro 35 (could fit others models as long as the drilling pattern remains the same). The plate uses the existing holes used to fix the trucks on the board. So you may need longer screws.

Thingiverse link :

Thingiverse link contains :

  • Mounting plate STL part and Solidworks 2011 file (in case you want print it) with and without heatsink holes for VESCs.
  • Template STL part for drilling (in case you want to use steel or carbon fiber sheet like mine)
  • Cover STL part and Solidworks 2011 file without text (but can be customized with the solidworks file)

A useful video which helped me a lot for building my own carbone fiber sheet :

The cover holds 2 RGB leds devices :

  • 12-led ring for battery gauge
  • A 8-led stick for rear/brakelight

In the center of the ring a luminosity sensor dims the brightness of both devices. Everything is controlled by an Arduino which collects datas through UART on the master VESC 6. (Work on bench but I need to make the final PCB)

Improvements planned :

  • I already add a seal groove all along the perimeter but I can’t find a enough soft plastic to print the seal.
  • Add a USB panel mount for connecting VESCs without opening.

Enjoy !


So the top part you 3D printed from what material? And the bottom part you used carbon fiber?

Cover printed in PETG. This material is awesome, you can sand it, cut, drill and paint it. The plate is a carbon fiber sheet made of about 20 layers and vacuum bagged.

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Thanks again they came out very nice… in black PETG. I may do a carbon fiber for the bottom… just feel lazy to pour my own CF. I can also buy a sheet for about $20-$30 and cut it. But for now I will just use the PETG bottom until it has an issue.

Here it is…

And the top… (need to paint this)…


Perfect prints !! Amazing ! Keep me updated if you have any issue with the parts :wink: