VESC 6 Brake Over-ride

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I’m converting my partners Razor E300 over to using a BLDC motor and I want to use the VESC6 controller.

I have a twist throttle that will run via ADC and I plan to use a thumb throttle for regen braking. But we still want to keep the mechanical brake there for when it is needed (holding on hills, emergency ect).

Is there a way that I can use the brake switch that is on the brake lever to tell VESC to not to apply throttle? That way the motor isn’t trying to be powered as the mechanical brack is activated?




The simple way would probably be to use the switch to short the throttle signal to ground.

I was thinking about using it to interrupt the signal. But I didn’t know if there was a way to do it in vesc.

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probably the vedder forum have lots and lots of info. on this

for the mostpart (99%) we rely on the regen braking which is why we show up in A&E frequently

I am planning on using regen braking but would also like a mechanical brake. If I end up putting my partner in the emergency room she would never let me live it down :laughing: