VESC 6 clone for $90 (12S 80A continuous. 60V 120А MAX). What do you think/know of it?



Was mentioned earlier:

It seems that used to cost 1200CNY £140 $186 160e.

Now 50% off: $90

@moon spoke to owner on wechat last summer, but I can’t contact the seller. He reads my messages in Ali messenger but don’t reply. Not found any information about manufacturer and seller, only 1 product in their store.

I could check it out, because delivery to Belarus will be fast and free for me. But don’t sure, maybe this product is just trash.


I’ve told someone who speaks Chinese to contact them so we’ll see what happens

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I speak Chinese as well as English with google translate :joy: but he still ignores me…


He actually speaks English. He is just ignoring you

I would order it and send it to a Chinese address but I’m not spending that kind of money at the moment


This is what I’m going to do. But I would like to get some feedback. Maybe I can also become a seller on Taobao and sell air with excellent specs at a nice price.


Just find a freight forwarder and see what happens

I have a forwarder and I will.

But maybe someone already checked TESC and can share his experience, or found more info than me. How brightly fire burns or something like that.

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I know that he is just student and he built these for his thesis or something. And made extras to sell and recoup costs

Thats all the information I have on him

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