Vesc 6 for Sale €50

Vesc 6 For Sale - blown DRV chip , easy to repair if you have knowledge or place to send for repair. Price €50 + shipping from Spain to your location . Otherwise great condition .

Got some pics?

Hello, is it the dual?

I can repair it if needed. :slight_smile:



Its the vesc 6 single I believe . In perfect condition only a blown drv. If anyone wants it let me know.

I have it in storage so don’t have any pics but if someone is very serious about it I may go collect it from storage to send pictures and so I can send it .

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You should definitely do that. Would be a much easier sell


Hey You can repair vescs ???

Hi, Is this still available? If yes, I’m interested in buying it from you :slight_smile:

Hello yes it is available and I can ship it ASAP if you are interested. its in great condition only blown drv . let me know if you want it send me money in PayPal or something then I will send ya