VESC 6 Group-Buy

Invited you the buyer’s PM thread. Thanks. Please join… the STL files are linked on there.


We are still just working out the details of potentially sourcing from a PCBA house… since admittedly hand soldering the VESC6 is time consuming (seriously a steal for what @stewii is charging). Assuming things work out, I predict 3 weeks to a month for units to arrive at people’s doors. If something turns up, I’ll see if arranging a group by with one of the regulars is possible. We’ll need a higher order quantity for the prices to be reasonable.

Id be interested in a group buy! Id defiantly be down for 2 vesc6s

Would this not work with @stewii vesc6?

Maybe … likely but i think @Kug3lis will mill them for us from the stl files that @stewii has provided.

I mean the vescs are very close to identical but if they are off by a few millimeters it would be annoying. The dimensions on the casing you linked aren’t on their website

Currently reaching out to my PCBA contacts from both the US and China. Hopefully a decent price estimate turns up.

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