VESC 6 Group-Buy

Hey so I’ve been looking at the prices for buying in bulk from Trampa on the VESC 6 and if we can organize a group buy of at least 10, we can get them for $275 (including shipping to one address, so the shipping from there to each buyer would be about ~$10 give or take. This is pretty good considering just one on its own would be $341 shipped. ($325 + $16 shipping). So anytime else interested in signing up for a group buy of the new VESC 6 for $275 + shipping? I’d add one of those polls, but I don’t know how to yet, lol.

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I’m afraid you cannot start a group buy before you are a level 3 for security reasons @treenutter


Yes you are correct here, unless another forum member wishes to help coordinate this, you will have to spend a bit more time on the forum :slight_smile:

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Oh, well that’s fine, honestly I didn’t want to be in charge of any group buy, I just wanted to put this out there and hoped someone would take charge and set one up!

I posted a TSG group buy but I think it will sink since interest has been low recently.

Would be happy to set up a group buy for VESC 6 since I live in the UK and reckon shipping would be cheaper to me (but prob balanced out by being more expensive to others across the pond).

My hesitance is that I don’t think people have builds that require the extremes that the VESC 6 allows for.

Well I think it’s at least worth a shot… I’ve read through so many forum discussions here where people are talking about really wanting them, but they just can’t justify paying almost $400 for one, so if we can get them at that price point, then that’s really only a bit more expensive then the high end VESC’s a lot of us already use, so I really think it’ll work.

I’m going to be building my dream board starting now and for the next few months. The VESC was one item I have really been hesitant about and doing the most research over and I don’t see how I could build my dream board without these VESC 6’s. I might end up getting 4, eventually so I can have a 4WD Carvon with V4’s. Until then, I’ll have dual V4’s and I want the VESC 6 running then!

Don’t mistake my hesitance for disapproval, I think we should go for it and I was just voicing concern. Money saved is always a must in this hobby.

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Awesome, so you think you’ll be able to set something up then?

I would wait, there are other manufacturers that are just about to release new, and most likely better, versions of the VESC 6. They will be significantly cheaper too.


Contact with @stewii he has some nice v6 cookies!! Also in UK.

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I’d be happy to help out where needed but as others have pointed out it is probably best to wait a bit.

If you’re eager I can get one sorted considering I think you can get the cheap prices with 10 VESCs, yes?

Talking with @stewii. We might have something coming down the line…

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About how long till that’s available roughly…?

How much do you charge for your ESC? Will the final product have a aluminum heatsink or something similar to the VESC 6? I didn’t realize others were derby) developing ESC’s for the 6th. Obviously now that makes since, given there are so many options for them running 4.12.

It’s not mine… its @stewii VESC6. Price? I paid $160 and bought (2). Please just PM him :slight_smile:

That thread has the STL file for the housing. We were going to get it CNC aluminum milled by @Kug3lis but he has too many projects going on I guess. I sent the housing to – they will print and send me (2) for about $25 + $4 shipping. I guess that would bring my total outlay on them to about $350 for (2).

The cases would be made by my father not me. I am just a middleman :smiley: Next week he is getting a new CNC machine so production would be way better and quality also better. Just at the moment, there are preparation jobs to get CNC installed in the workshop.

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Sorry… i forgot what we were waiting on :slight_smile: please let me know when we have them lined up… or ready to the group buy.

Sure, send me the latest STL file in PM I will send him so he could do the review if everything is alright.