VESC 6 not connecting to computer for setup

Yea my buddies old windows 7 laptop would not recognize the vesc he had to get a windows 10 laptop.

I have a mac book pro with dual boot OSX and Windows 10. I use windows for tuning my car with AEM EMS and for my Raptor tool since there is no Rator 2 tool for Mac

ok so its definitely the sensor wiring on the second motor.

Just spun the first motor with the second Vesc on motor wizard and it ran perfectly.

I am going to strip down the sensor reconnections I made on the second motor, check and redo them.

Thanks for the advice dude, Frank at Trampa was a lot of help too. Big shout out to him as well!

Just tagging @trampa here to take a look :wink:

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The VESCs have their pin assignment printed onto them, so it should be easy to re-map any motor sensor wires. Our motors are plug and play, other motors might need you to swap over cables. Using a needle you should be able to get the cables out of the plastic housing of your motor sensor connector.


Cheers dude

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Ok so this is what I PM’d Frank with

Still getting FOC error message after remapping sensor wiring (bottom right hand of screen).

Again as soon as I powered up VESC it was flashing red, butbwas fine when paired up against the first motor.

The only thing I cannot think of is the motor itself?


looks like it is a problem with the motor itself. I tested both Vesc’s against the motor ,and as soon as both powered up, they were flashing red and both recorded FOC errors during the Motor Wizard setup.

And both VESCS were tested with the other motor and they set up perfectly with this motor.

Contacting Alien APS as I type.\

So annoyed!


Glad you got it sorted out thanks for reporting back on how that went, let us know how aps handles it always good to know which vendors take care of it when things go wrong.

yep will do. cheers

Hi I’m starting testing different motor And my last test for some motor . I have some difficulty to do motor detection like the vesc tool told my : we can’t detect motor flux linkage And tried 2 or 3 time for each motor for make it work Any idea what happened ? My wire for the sensor are ok I look everything match Thank you

Hi new here

Pls can someone point me in the right direction. I have wired up my new dual vesc 6.6 which had both blue & green lights working. I was setting up vesc on vesc tool & now on the usb 1 side of vesc green light is not working & now will not connect to computer. Can & how can I get this working again.