VESC 6 not connecting to computer for setup

Hi Guys

Help needed.

Powered up my 2 Vedder VESC6’s. I have a can bus cable linking them. I plugged in my USB cable from the VESC6 with a blue solid light, into my computer. The other VESC6 is flashing red (I’m guessing because this needs to be linked via the set up wizard)

When I start up the Vesctool wizard it cannot connect at all to the Vesc.

I have an old laptop running windows 7. I’ve tried several USB cables and it is not connecting at all.

I do have a MacBook but there is no Mac version on the VESC-project website so see if it is a computer issue.

The only thing I can think of is I have an old laptop but cannot see how that can be the issue.

I am totally stumped. Can anyone in Esk8 land help a brother out?


Did you try all your USB ports? On my laptop with windows7 only one port works with vesc. Also wait at least 1 Minute after connecting it for the first time BEFORE you start vesc-tool, otherwise the drivers are missing and vesc-tool can’t connect. Did you read the vesc-tool tutorials on

Never connect CAN bus before everything is setup, that’s the last step. If you power only one of 2 vescs when Can bus is connected then you probably blow the can bus chip.


Hi Rich, I downloaded the Mac version and all ok. But thanks for advice especially on connecting the CAN after set up and waiting 1 minute after connecting before starting the VESC tool. And yep, I’ve been reading up on tutorials. I think my windows computer is an old piece of c@ap hence a complete blank from VESC to laptop.

Glad it’s working now. I was talking about the USB cable connection. Windows take some time to install the driver for the very first time.

It’s best to connect the CAN bus cable after programming both vescs.


I set up the first vesc with motor wizard no problem, FOC sensored. I went to do the same with the second vesc and got as far as the Motor flux linkage before I got this message

‘Could not measure the flux linkage properly. Adjust the start parameters according to the help text and try again.’

Any ideas? The wiring to the second VESC is the same as the first, with wiring from the motor and the usb cable plugged in. Although the second VESC is flashing red which the first one was not?

I sent this message to Frank at Trampa as well to see if he had any input.


This is where I’m stuck at on setting up the second VESC and motor

Don’t have any experience with FOC myself but did you try following the help steps under the first button?

yeah, it does say play around with settings but I have no idea about this stuff so I don’t know what to charge it too.

Think it gives more specific steps if detection fails but understand the trepidation personally would wait to hear back from Frank/trampa since I’ve seen/heard of lots of issues with people blowing a second VESC over canbus from bad configuration.

yeah, I’m hoping I haven’t blown it. Still have the flashing red light on it if that is of any positive note. but yeah, will se what Frank comes back with. cheers

What version of windows? You may need drivers for sub-10

I’m running through my Mac now. Something is wrong with the VES as Ive looked on the manual. When it flashes red it says “fault code, something is wrong. Read out the fault code in VESC tool” but have no clue how to do this and can’t find anything in the manuals

AFAIK the worst thing which can happen is a blown CAN bus chip (if two vescs are connected via CAN bus but only 1 vesc is powered on) but not the whole vesc. Also this would not effect the motor detection. You could try another motor detection with the first motor to be sure it’s not the second motor. Didn’t read too much about the start parameters but people had success after changing the values.

But if the red flashing light is permanent then it’s a fault code.

Easy, in the menu bar Terminal → Print Faults


In the terminal tab/section in the vesc/bldc tool you can type ‘faults’ to see any issues the VESC has seen since boot up.

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Ok these are the results. What does this error mean?

MC is for ‘motor configuration’ just means any of the values you give it have been saved when it says write OK the bad detection result error is just the same thing you’re seeing in the tab when trying to configure it so nothing major wrong there (aside from the lack of good detection). If you see DRV_FAULT it’s a bad sign that the DRV chip that opens/closes the gates for the MOSFETs to let power in/out of the motor has failed but so far just appears bad configuration values.

ok, so I read somewhere to use a shorter USB cable to solve the problem? and if not what else can I try?

and I’m still confused as to why the second VESC flashes red when plugged in to the power on start up, whilst the first VESC was fine with solid blue light.

Usually the USB cable thing is all or nothing, that is it will work and you can connect and read/write or you can’t. Regarding the FOC detection it could be related to cables hooked up between the ESC and motor to some degree since it’s using those to drive and measure what’s going on with the motor. Actually since you have two of everything I’d try using the other motor with the VESC that isn’t detecting properly and see if you can get it working (would also just keep them disconnected from each other until you know each VESC is working as expected).

Good idea. I’ll switch over the VESC to the motor thats running fine. Will let you know what I come back with.