VESC 6 serial values on Arduino does not make sense


I received my VESC 6.0 today. I totally love it. It detect the motor instantly and I am running it on FOC (without sensor). However I need to control and monitor the parameters and I tried the serial communication like this

VESC 6.0 --> Arduino Hardware Serial --> LabVIEW (through software serial).

However the values I am receiving on LabVIEW does not match the Real-time values on VESC-tools which by the way looks more reasonable.

I do not have a bluetooth module or a TTL-USB connector otherwise my setup would have been less complicated.

I used RollingGecko implementation for communicating VESC and Arduino over serial. I am sure I am getting the data from VESC (I used LED to check if the data was receiving and then I used myRio , labview hardware, and I am getting the values)

Please see attach images.