VESC alternative, cheap sleeping lion fvt 120a 12s (GROUPBUY)

Im looking to organize a group buy of the FVT 120A 12s esc. (THIS IS NOT THE RC CAR VERSION)

I’m new to group buying and any help is greatly appreciated.

The esc is a relatively new product that has the same hardware as their rc hobby esc’s except this one has very well made skateboard firmware. I spoke to a representative for the company named Jenny, she said the following: The unit price is as under: USD110/pcs for 1pc sample USD90/pcs for 2pc USD80/pcs for 5pcs - 99pcs USD76/pcs for 100pcs up

The shipping rate is approximately $20 USD for a 5 piece order.

overall the esc is very similar to a pro series hobbywing esc that retails for about $140 across its firmware variants. the firmware is fully customizable through a hobbyist lcd programming box, or a computer uplink (recommended) the software is easy to use and has the vast majority of the settings that a vesc offers. if something goes wrong, the people who i’ve been speaking with are extremely helpful with debugging the problems. Maytech also sells the same exact item but its has some braking issues that have to be modified by the user. this product is superior for the price, better firmware, and helpful engineers. below are some links that might be helpful.


youtube videos: All credit goes to Tomasz Baranowicz at

If you are interested in participating in the group buy: I will be purchasing 2 for sure, and a slim chance of buying 3

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Sorry but you must be a trust level 3 Regular to organize a group buy. And you must use the Group Buy category.