VESC and Motor soldering

Hey, i have a vesc with 5.5mm female connectors but my motor have 4mm male connectors. Do anyone have an idea how i should go about this problem? Should i solder them together? or solder off the 5.5mm and solder the 4mm directly on to the vesc? Or is it possible to get an adapter?.

Any downsides with soldering like this?


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id recommend buying either some 4mm or some 5.5mm bullet connectors and soldering them to either to motor or the vesc so they are compatible with one another.

soldering the two together in theory has no problem, but its not very practical if you ever need to replace a component

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Most people will remove the 4mm bullet connectors and solder new 5.5mm bullet connectors on the motor. Depending on the AMP load, you could replace the 5.5mm with 4mm if that’s all you have, but the 5.5mm are better.

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Do the wire size matter? will the connectors heat up or something if it goes from a thicker wire to a thiner wire.

it matters to a point… you definitely do not want to use a wire which is too small. i think most people use 10awg silicon wire here. with either 5.5mm bullet connectors and/or xt90s connectors

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I soldered 3 connector wires for myself, but I won’t recommend it, if you are running low on free space in your enclosure

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