VESC battery cutoff

Hi, I just finished my first diy skateboard build. I run a single mounted 270KV motor with an 8S LiPo (2x4S in series), and I use VESC in BLDC mode. I tested it and I’m happy with it so far. However, there is one thing I don’t quite understand. To protect my battery, I set battery cutoff start to 83.5V=28V, and battery cutoff end to 83.3V=26.4V using the BLDC tool. I wrote configuration to the VESC and to guarantee it’s written, I reconnected the VESC and read configuration, showing that the correct values have been written. So far so good. However, just as a test I connected a 4S LiPo to the build and pressed the throttle - and the motor was spinning. I expected it to not work sine the supplied voltage is far below the set battery cutoff voltage. Does someone share this experience or can explain why this happens? Best and thanks in advance.

means the cut off feature not working? i also curious that.

It seems like. But maybe I just don’t understand exactly how the cutoff is working. Maybe someone here has a good explanation why I can use a 4S LiPO to power my board, even though I set the voltage cutoff end to 26.4 V.

Can you please check again to really make sure that the actual settings are at 26.4V. If that is really the case then I will try to find the reason in the firmware. And please also check in the Realtime tab what the actual voltage is.

I just checked again. Everything is correctly written to VESC (battery cutoff at 26.4). However, I think I misunderstood something: I tried again with 4S (as before), with the board laying with wheels upside down. The wheels spin when I press the throttle. But when I put the board back on the ground the torque is by far to weak to move the board even without me standing on the board. So I guess everything works fine. I thought the battery cutoff wouldn’t allow any current, but it seems like there is a very little current supplied to the motor that is large enough to spin the motor without load. @Ackmaniac, would you say that’s a correct interpretation?

I finally got my first ride (hell yeah) and the battery cutoff worked perfectly fine.

thx for the update