Vesc, battery pack and motormount for MountainBoard build

Hey! This is my first build and I want to start with a mountainboard with dual setup! I read a lot of topic but some questions still exist so better ask!

This is what i have:

Turnigy graphène 4000mAh 6S 45C Lipo pack x 4 from

MAYTECH VESC x2 from connected via CAN bus

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv Brushless x 2 from

My board ( basic mountain board with basic trucks )

Wheels ( looks like Trampa SUPERSTAR Wheels bc they have the same spec )

I also have some connectors for my battery.

First, i have somes questions about my lipos:

I want to put them in series and parallel to create 12s 8000mAh 44.4v Batterypack to show you what i want here is a sheme

Is it possibe to use them like that or i Need a BMS ? I will charge them 2 by 2.

Secondly, I’am looking for motormount, pulley and belt that will fit with my motor.

I know i got “normal trucks” so i’m interresting by INFINITY Trucks by trampa. Where can i find motormount (cheap if possible) adapted to my trucks (or trampa trucks) ?

I will talk about VESC later, my main concern is the battery pack and motormount.


Hey CS ! Good start :wink: , no problem for your wiring, and yes the last connector you need is the // one (before your swith and then vescs and motors). But that is a lot of wiring and XT connectors !.. secures them for emtbing ! Tcheck Colson link, maybe Idea could also make the mount for your actual trucks (but I will go with a spring upgrade too) :v:

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I am thinking about his motormount but it will probably not fit with my trucks but i will discuss with him :grin: thanks

Thanks Rakio :grinning: I was worried about the wiring bc it’s lipo cell and i read they was pretty dangerous. According to you i don’t need a BMS to survey the discharge ? To fix them properly i amm using Heat Shrink from :

Last one , where i put the switch ?

No you don’t need it (but you could if you want to charge them easyer way…not sure about that too, deepending of your chagrer. I got a dual raktor working good actualy). You got a solid pack :muscle: I make a 12s 8ah with 2x 6s8Ah15c Graphene too (but low C rating in this conf.) and it work all good. I used lipo also on my emtb and other build, no worries for you and your pretty hight discharge capacity (if your carrefull when wiring them correctly). An other good way to be sure :

Hell yeah! stay in touch i will show my battery pack later. I’m just waiting for some more connections

Don’t wire GND and 5V between both CAN bus port !

My scheme isn’t correct ? How do i need to wire them ?

I have these for sale?

Not from your scheme but from your VESCs picture. Tell your reseller that he’s selling wrong CAN-bus connectors. Only the 2 middle wires need to be connected, not the black and red one. That can lead to fry your VESC.

How much to ship in France ? And would it fit with my morors ? they are pretty big

Which one ?

#1 10 char

I remove them. :grin: I need to find another CAN bus connector ?

No. Just remove (or cut) red and black wires.

If i cut them no need of JST-PH 2MM, they will work together after all ?

£11 to ship to France, tracked.

I’m pretty sure it can take some pretty beefy motors! :smile:

You can usually pull the wire out if you lift the tab a little.