VESC Bluetooth HM-10 Module Soldered 11$ Shipped BACK IN STOCK!

I was buying these while under strong influence of ughm and ordered 10 instead of 1 so here I am with a bag of HM-10s Any interest for these? Everything that needs to be soldered on is soldered and basically you just plug and play, they work with ackmaniacs firmware and app maybe some other if there is one

11$ Shipped Worldwide The next ones will look nicer, I will think of something :smiley: Under the electrical tape is heatshrink for each pin, if thats something you are interested in…

Soon there will be wire mesh on them, fancy orange one :smiley:


I’ll take one

I’d be game for one as well.

i want one to UK please. when you want the monies?

Two for me in canada

Will the Bluetooth work for the DIY VESC ? If so I’ll take one

It will. 10char

I’ll take one please :point_up:t4:

There are two left, since there is a need for them I ordered 10 more they should arrive in about a week


I’m in for one as well

Do you still have have one?

No I donr, but they are on their way to me

Thanks man, count me in for one!

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received :+1: I’m upset. On my Xiaomi MiA1 the app cannot find the module. But on my old Huawei Ascend P7,it works great.


I have got 4 modules in stock, 10 more are comming Can ship tomorrow @goldrabe @Ashintar @MannyM0E @Ishayc @PartyPoison

I will solder these tomorrow, Im missing some cables and can not find a store where i can buy the locally do does anyone know or have them to sell? I dont want to wait a month to get them from china

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I recently bought it from here, Just check the shipping cost is from netherlands :wink:

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I just cant find the cable, can you link it to me please

Still selling?

Here you find the cable section Try to see if you find what are you looking for…Hope it helps