Vesc breaking force

Sorry to ask this again … i guess many asked this before but how could i increase my breaking force ?

Right now i can slow down but i cant fully stop when going down a hill … I have a 190KV 2400W motor. Also should i change anything else on my settings ?

Im using watt mode with both breaking and reverse (is working good but is not fully stoping me)

Is your PPM calibrated?

the remote yes all min max and mid point

Is it able to fully stop at any speed ?

i can slow down and stop eventually when on straight line but if i go down a hill i cannot stop and it will still roll … if i have speed is even worse… is slowing but i have to jump off so i dont hit a car or smething at the light stop

Try increasing max erpm at full break?

What is the ppm

Ppm is the remote signal, available under the app tab in bldc tool

So it’s just like checking the remote signal

yes when you go in the app you can set to show live what are the values and you have to set min max

how do i do that and what value should i set it … i know the erpm are both set max min at + - 60k ?? or you talking about something else?

It’s right under the max erpm option

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What would be a safe value for max ERPM at full break ?? mine is currently at 300.00 and the full break in current control mode is at 1500.00

How much should i increase it ??

No you cannot do full complete stop on a down hill. But you can slow it down enough to do a foot break.

A full stop is more on a flat surface or slightly declined road

Try 50 at a time

@Deakbannok I stop at the end of a hill going faster than I can accelerate on a straight atleast twice a day, 5 days a week, so I know it’s possible

any idea what should i expect ? Will it just break harder when i go full stop or will increase the breaking all around ? even at high speeds ?

It should give higher stopping torque at max break (Assuming I’m remembering my own tweaking correctly :wink: )

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really apreciate it i will test tomorrow and keep you posted :smile: hopefully will be ok. I played a bit with throttle curves with ackmaniac’s firmware and is so smooth right now im in love with it.