Vesc broken, need a new one EU

I’m all for supporting the little guys, but when you’re just buying what the Chinese are making and selling it on with a profit attached, if I don’t have to pay for your profit, I’d rather not.

If you produce something yourselves and it’s of similar value and quality, then I’m happy to pay for your services and expertise… #justSaying

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I test them and wire up if needed, you get insured shipping and faster than Ali. This is offered by my own Company, not from chinese.

If I will produce a made in Italy Vesc the price wont be lower than 150, Will you pay for It?


the profit, even if marginal may also help the little guy in EU to invest into some R&D and so on; we are not talking about multinationals here or thousands of VESCs; just hobbyists that do that for their passion.


To be fair the Maytech VESCs come pre-wired up with bullet connectors, I’m quite capable of soldering my own connector on the other end… If I have an issue with it, I can just return it as I have done with a few things in the past, sometimes they just say keep it and send a replacement anyway, like Benchwheel did with my remote…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting the little re-sellers down, I’ve been a re-seller in the past making tidy profits on what I re-sold, but for me, I don’t need a re-seller, not unless their prices match closely to those that I can pay going direct.

150 GBP or EUR is just far too much IMO.

I’m more than happy to pay a marginal profit…

@darkkevind I was here just to saying what I can do for people that are not capable in soldering like you and that want something in EU like asked in the title of this Thread.

You got your deal! that seems to be perfect :wink:

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Made in Europe/Italy is not made in China, so you can forget to find 100€ vesc here!

Please let us know how the aliexpress vesc works out for you, I see you had some other exciting experiments with electronic components… I would also rather go with someone in EU than China.

I sell maytech VESC, 92us included economy shipping. DHL +14us.

have sold hundreds on ebay, china has good products too.

I have exatly the same problem of u suddenly everythink just stop working i will exaplein what happen,

I have dual motor mode, so 2 VESC connected, can H and L to

i disconnected one VESC for a test but let the CAN H L connected and after 5 second all stop working at all .

so i understand noting and where was the problem,

thank in advance :slight_smile:

CAN needs to be disabled unless both VESCs are powered up afaik.


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Thank i will find what part have broke in my two VESC !