Vesc broken, need a new one EU

Hey, I need a new VESC. As enertion does not offer a repair service, I would also like to get the old one fixed. I live in Eu, please suggest a good seller and product. Thanks!

Faraday Motion sells VESC in eu. I bought mine from there. Very nice company to deal with. Another good site to get VESC is from

hey, check mate !

Hi, My fav is for Vesc.

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All so expensive! I think I’ll go for the Maytech one :confused:

Does Maytech has bootloader installed now? If not I wouldn’t buy this vesc because you are not able to flash it with other firmwares for example ackmaniacs 2.54.

I’m fine with 2.18 which is what they have on them already…

Once you tried 2.54 you would never go back to 2.18. Watt control mode is better than current control and you can adjust the throttle/brake curve.

Btw one hour ago Ackmaniac explained watt control mode in his thread.

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hehe, seems I’m one of the remaining guys that prefer the current control mode; maybe I’m too used to it since HW 4.6 !

Well so far my experience of VESC has been disappointing since I got sold a second hand dud, so I think I’ll take the savings and go for a Maytech one with 2.18, they’re only £85 delivered!

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From where do you buy maytech vesc in eu?

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I have Maytech vescs in Eu, Italy In stock, Fast shipping


113EUR = 103.83GBP / aliexpress is £86 (GBP) inc. shipping…

It’s ok @darkkevind , I was just sharing my link to get an alternative to people, relax :blush:

@darkkevind if you want this to be a fair comparaison, you should look to include the VAT / taxes to import such product.

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As long as the item isn’t sent via DHL or FedEx, you don’t end up paying VAT or import taxes…

yeah I know, just saying that if you want your comparison to be fair with @fottaz and support local shops in EU; it’s better to compare apple to apple which means include the fact that you must pay import taxes as per the regulation.

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it’s hard to get people to understand that we are paying taxes on Imported goods, all costs a company has to sustain will get a bit higher, as I often say, that’s pretty obvious

Otherwise, it’s your choice to support just Chinese companies or EU&Chinese companies togheter, getting a more affordable assistance in EU instead of somewhere in China, faster and Insured shipping…

who cares about this