Vesc Broken USB

The title says it all, my USB broke off my VESC took some of the PCB with it lucky enough it was just for the pads that held it on.

I was now thinking about just putting the USB cable on it, removing the connector and yeah just get that put on there.

Would that work? I know I’m going to have a cable hanging now but I can totally live with that.

Or should I try to get the original connector on there again? I still have it and I can still use it with BLDC tool since I just hold it on the connector (Works awesome, updated firmware this way)

Oh, and does anyone know any that repairs them in EU? I have no hot air station so I cant fix SMD components.

Not entirely clear from your story, but are the solder pads of the PCB actually in tact or not? Soldering the usb wires onto the PCB is going to be a very difficult job. The pads are very close to each other and you may overheat them by trying to solder those tiny wires onto it, which will lift them off of the PCB and permanently damaging part of the PCB trace.

If the pads are intact, it’s easiest/best to contact an SMD soldering company to ask them for a favour. Shouldn’t take them more than a minute or 5.

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The pads are okay, the big 4 pads on the side of the USB is totally broken off.

I have none around me, I live in a small city and the closest is pretty damn far away.

So hope there’s someone doing those repairs in here.

Ok, those bigger pads on the side are probably ground + it holds the usb connector in place. Without those, the usb will very easily brake off again.

If you live in Germany I could ask someone.

Please post a picture of the PCB and the connector though.

Exactly, that’s why I was thinking about just using the wires from the USB

I’m in Denmark, and gemmeh 2 min. Best i can do for now, the vesc is at my friends place right now.

K, will wait for pictures of the Vesc PCB. With epoxy, you can still secure it better than it was.

I did for try to put it back on with a little amount of epoxy.

Some how never cured, and it was still wet the next day lol.

User error on that one :stuck_out_tongue:

This happened to one of my mates as well, on a focbox. I want to epoxy mine, but on the other hand it would void the warranty :confused: