VESC coil/inductor heating up

Hey all. I have a dual focbox setup and one of them started heating like crazy just by being turned on. the FET temp rose steadily past 60C degrees before I let it go further. The other focbox sits nicely at around 30C. The coil/inductor that says 202 on it is the source of the heat. I believe this is the link to buy a replacement: SDR0805-220ML The replacement is SUPER cheap but something tells me the source of the problem is somewhere else. There are no fault codes reported by the VESC Tool. here is a picture of my focbox image

Either buck converter or DRV issues, I had the same issues before and VESC not powering up.

The weird part is that the VESC still powers up.

Tvs diode that protect the 5V is probably heating up… are you using dual PPM or is the 5v or 3,3V use by something else?

I use ppm and canbus. The slave vesc is the one that has issues. All cables, including motor are disconnected now though. Are there repair stores in the U.S. BTW?