Vesc configuration (10s, 6374 sk3, 15/36 gearing)

Motor amps can be higher then battery amps during certain situations. If you set your battery max to 40amps the max amps that can be pulled from battery is 40amps.There are many times on my single drive ( 10s_6374_16/36_83mm wheels ) when my battery is pulling lower amps then what my motor is pulling. Here is an example. You can see the motor is pulling more amps then the battery. This is 40amps max battery and I think 50 or 60 amps max motor ( 1500w max settings in ack software)

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You set you battery max to 40amps the vesc should never hypothetically go over 40 amps with battery.

OK. So please can someone explain to me how the Motor can draw more current than the Battery is delivering? I guess that is where I am confused. I must be fundamentally misunderstanding some of the concepts here :smiley:

Jinra sums it up on first comment.

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Alright thank you!! Also good to know that the vesc will never actually pull more from the battery than specified

If my motor is max rated at 50a can I do more than (I guess technically less than) -50a? Say -60a? ppm part app configuration in i dont know what to choose . i want my eborad go front and goback. what is disabled and curentt with no reverse with braking and … . i dont know what to choose.

my battery is 8s2p 2600ma every each battery. i need the min battery (regen) and max battry. thanks

8S2P seems to be very small. Is it a Lipo or a Li-Ion battery and do you have a dual or single setup?

my single motor is 220kv sensorless alien power 2200w with 8s2p li ion(LG) pack. i want to help me 1.what i put in battery max and battery min? 2.i want my eboard would have Reverse and i do not know to choose DISABLED or CURRENT?

Which battery pack do you have exactly. There are too many different cells available.

i sen them to you in private


hi. my battery is IT IS LGABB41865 Q058B277AD 2600MA

hi bro.could you answer to my 2 question?

Your battery is rated for 5A max discharge and 2.5A max continuous charge. I mostly go 50 higher in charge current. So you can use 10A max battery and 7.5A min battery. Not really great. So finally you have the wrong battery in i too small configuration.

8×2600=20080ma 20080×25c= is this true?

It’s 2x2600ma=5200ma. The battery’s in series only increase the voltage but not the A.

i found out the batteries C is 5. i wanna put the max amper at 20 how do you think,? would there be any problem? and the min at-10?

hii plugged in every thing and clicked on the connect part on BLDCtools program but it says Not connected. what sould i do bro?