Vesc configuration (10s, 6374 sk3, 15/36 gearing)

Hello, Maybe you have some suggestions on some of the limits? My setup: 10s, sk3 6374, 16/36 gearing, 80mm wheels

I’m totally confused with ERPM limits.

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Set the maximum input voltage to 57V (don’t ask). If you have a Li-Ion Battery set the battery cutoff start to 30 and the cutoff end to 28 and if you have a Lipo Battery set the cutoff start to 36 and the cutoff end to 34. Or more aggressive to 35 and 33. If you want more power at lower speeds set the motor max to 70 or 80. The ERPM limit should be set to 60000 and -60000. But with a 12S you won’t reach those speeds. But with 60000 you are on the safe side. Everything else looks good if you have a single drive.


Also post screenshots of the advanced tap and your remote (application) settings


If you have a single drive disable the “Send status over CAN” in the General Tab. If you have dual only activate it for the slave when the two VESCs are connected via CAN.

Please also post the PPM Tab

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Thank you. So everything else is ok. But I have not understood you.

I’m running 10s, not 12s

Sorry i meant with 10S you won’t reach those speeds as long as your motors kv is not higher than 190kv. With 12S you could only reach it on the bench but not when you ride it. Set it to max 60000 and min -60000 and you will be safe.


I have one more question. Batt min (regen) and Moter min (regen) is not too high?

What battery do you have and do you have 2 motors or only 1?

1 motor. 10s3p Li-ion batt

-12 battery min is fine. -40 motor min also. If you want more brake power you can raise the motor min to even -80. You need to find out by yourself what suites you. I have -60 on my single.

And if you like to have more power then you can go up to 80 motor max and 60 battery max. But that is already a lot for your belts.

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You can sumarize it to Motor Max = Power at low speed Battery Max = Total Power or Power at high speed Motor Min = Brake power at mid to low speed Battery Min = Brake power at high speed


@Ackmaniac That’s a great summary it took me a lot of trial and error to sort these values out when I got my first VESC!

Sorry for jumping in on this thread :smiley:

Lets say i have a 10s2p with Samsung 30Q cells … They have a discharge of 15A (some may say 20A). Does that mean for me that I should not set my Motor Max, Min and Battery Max to more than 30A (or 40A)?


Have the same pack and run it with a 6734 singel on my commuter board.

got those values atm:

Motor Max: 50a Batt max: 40a Motor min: -50a (this is purely how you want the brakes to feel)

Hey @michichopf,

what i don’t quite understand is that if you limit your Battery Max to 40A, the Motor Max will never exceed the 40A right? Even though its set to 50A? Those two values should act like a bottle neck to each other right?

well as far as I would say it and take that with a gran of salt: you wont ever max out your motor a at higher speeds, thats mostly for acceleration at lower speeds. So motor max is more how much he can pull for start up and acceleration.

your Battery A is more of a bottleneck how much the set up can draw during higher speeds ( top speed).

So I usually played around with settings on the safer side, then I asked poeple who ran the same setup with expertise in the vesc area and copied theirs. I am more of a rider (downhill/esk8) than I am a builder, grabted I did few DIY but allways sought after confirmation from better informed individuals. sorry .(

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But so just hypothetically assuming youd go full acceleration at very low speed, it would try to pull 50A for your 10S2P but I am hoping that the Battery Max will prevent it from actually drawing that much, as it would damage the batteries … ?

pretty much, also got a fuse between the battery and the vesc, in all of my builds actually.

So youre thinking it might actually draw 50A even though the Battery Max is set to 40A? Thats quite frightening :smiley: