VESC controller configuration

So, I’m a newbie eSk8 builder, though it’s my second build, but my first acquaintance with VESC. Everything seem to be working as intended (and I absolutely love that soft startup) except these two things:

  1. There is a Timeout option that is supposed to stop Motor when there’s no signal from controller, but when I switch remote off, motor still tries to kill me. I looked all VESC tool through, but haven’t found any similar setting
  2. I can’t figure out how to disable brakes when motor is still. They are not applied when I choose current control, but always work when its duty cycle control. Also green LED is always on when it’s duty cycle and on current it goes bright only when I pull the trigger.

Second one is not critical, though I’d like to save battery life and not struggle so much if I had to pull esk8.

What kind of remote controller are you using? My guess is that your receiver keeps pushing the same setpoint when connection is lost. If it is an rc-style controller you might have to setup some kind of failsafe on the receiver

It’s torqueboards mini remote. I haven’t found anything but binding instructions. You mean VESC just doesn’t see that connection is lost?

Correct, check with vesc connected to your computer what the signal does (enable RT APP) when you switch off the controller. Check this thread on the exact binding procedure

I did that and it showed, that VESC recieves a specific ms value. Adjusted throttle so that center value is same with “no signal” one. Seems to be working like this.