VESC current less than motor current?

Hi, I was planning on using a Turnigy VESC with a KEDA 190KV motor. The VESC says 50A continuous and around 250A burst but the KEDA says it’s 80A. Is this a problem? If this won’t work, is there an alternative motor which needs less current? I’m planning on running at 8s

be fine. you program the vesc’s amp limits

it won’t be a problem. problem is u don’t know how to use vesc right now. go read some thread pls

Ok, some more research needed :slight_smile: Thanks

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hello, im looking buy the same motor and vesc. what you say about that, how are they behavior

The Keda is a good motor… plenty of oomff with a single VESC setup. I am running 12s though!

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