VESC Dead (no lights) please help

Dear Community.

When testing out a Bluetooth module on the UART Port somehow Ground and RX Shorted and I saw a little spark. From that time on the VESC was dead. The voltage on the PPM Receiver Module is still there. But the VESC itself will not show any LEDs. Any hints on where to start troubleshooting ? I can solder SMDs and troubleshoot but here I don’t really know where to start - i also didn’t see any fuses only many small Capacitors and resistors. Please help :frowning:

Here’s the schematics. As far as I know the DRV feeds the LEDs, but I’m not sure tho.

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Hey thanks. I just checked… The DRV has 48Vs on the PVDD pins. The STM32F4 however has no voltage on the VDD pins. So I guess I will have a look at the supply line there :frowning:

On the STM32F4 supply circuit GND and VDD are shorted. I will now remove all the capacitors but I think maybe the STM32F4 is dead. Is there anyone able to sell me a flashed STM32F4 with the firmware ? Man… what a bad day today :frowning:

Samethig kinda happened with me too. But I just sent it to @ThermalM16 for repair

I live in Austria / Europe - so I don’t want to send it around the world. I will try to get a STM32F4 and try to load a bootloader on it. I am pretty sure the MCU is cooked :frowning:

Just a quick update - i desoldered the STM32F4 Chip and it seems that the short circuit from GND to VDD is now gone… so the MCU is broken for sure. It seems that short circuit also destroyed my BMS (it was a smart BMS).

So this little 0,1 sec short circuit will be costing me some serious bucks and long waiting time :disappointed_relieved:

So i ordered a new STM32F405RGT6 now and a STLink V2. So hopefully I can flash the bootloader on it and revive the VESC again. Also I will have to figure out how to get a flashed ATMEGA328P for the BMS - which might be hard as it’s not open source. I am really shocked how fragile everything is. But i surely learnt from that. I will keep you guys updated on any progress of course

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Small Update: After desoldering the STM32F405 I connected the VESC again. It seems I have +3,3V and +5V Voltage rail working - which means the 3V regulator and the DRV should be still good. So replacing the STM32F4 should theoretically work when i can figure out how to properly get the bootloader and everything on there. Fingers crossed…

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Short Update… Got the STM32F405 from Mouser and replaced it.

I also changed the three Caps on on the Power Line to some Nichicon 1000uF. Now waiting for the STLink V2 and hopefully I can connect and flash the bootloader.

You can flash bootloader with vesc tool. No need for stlink :slight_smile:

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I am pretty sure that an Empty STM32F4 can not be connected VIA Usb directly without it already having a bootloader on it … Or am I completely wrong ?

Why not try it and find out : )

Don’t know about that. I had maytech vesc that didn’t come with bootloader and used the vesc tool to install it with usb

Not working here… the STM32F4 is not recognized by usb at least on my board

Every time you plug a usb device in a pc you should hear a sound. If you don’t hear it I guess st link is the way to go.