Vesc died, now wont connect and flashes red and green LED

I am making my own ebike and i am using a Makerbase VESC MINI 6.7 with a 6374 motor. the gear ratio is 12t to 180t on the rear wheel (i 3d printed these parts). I originally had issues where the motor would cut out near top speed and would work a second later after releasing the throttle. However if i lowered the motor current It would be better but slower acceleration. I found that increasing the absolute maximum current from 70A to 120A fixed this so i went raising the motor current up again. It was fine on 40A so i tried 48A and it was working okay until I was riding along doing about 10mph and the motor made a violently skipped gears (maybe it stopped), the display read “failed to read data” then the whole thing died. the motor was really stiff and i had to take the belt off and push it home. the motor remained stiff even with no power but when i unplugged the vesc from the motor it was okay again. When i plug the battery in the display on my bike turns on for a second then restarts. The vesc isnt reconised by vesc tool so i cant read any faults in terminal. The vesc itself has a constant blue led with a flashing red and green led. I have tried disconnecting everything from the vesc but im getting the same issue. No components on the vesc look fried or anything.

Drv probably failed. Or overcurrent occured. But seeing this unfortunately means your esc has died. If you can’t connect it and re-upload the firmware for it, its probably dead.

How would that happen? I wasnt really pushing it when it died, it was all of a sudden. The board looks in good condition. How would overcurrent occur? I dont think my values were too extreme were they? Vesc is rated for 50a continuous and 150a burst. Im only using 10s and its rated for 13s. Im asking alot of questions because i dont know what went wrong and im afraid ill kill another vesc if i buy it and dont know what went wrong. How would i reupload firmware if the vesc cant be recognised by the computer. Thanks

Do you have a photo of your esc? I can’t seem to find the esc you mentioned. Maybe I’ll find more details knowing what it looks like.

It wont let me upload pictures on here so i had to use this website. The vesc normally has a heatsync on the back but i took it off to inspect the components. Its Chinese so its made okay, the only dodgy bit is the ppm wires but i didny use a reciever as i have an adc throttle.

Pictures of the leds

Oh its a mksesc. Yeah I’m not familiar with that esc unfortunately. Perhaps the drv is fried due to that esc unable to handle large battery voltage spikes. Its similar to flipsky’s esc issue as well.

Maybe give it some time and see if it returns. If not, the drv chip is fried.