VESC drv repair needed

Can anyone in the uk/ Europe replace drv chips?

I have a VESC I need repaired urgently!

Thanks, Dave.

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@Martinsp can do it too, based in Slovakia

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Hi Dave, hit me up in the PMs or have a look at I repair and send back the device the same day it is delivered.

Thank you Alan for the mention! Both of them actually :smiley:

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Is anyone still doing this in the UK/EU?

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Hello Andy,

yes I still do it. Feel free to pm me for the details. I’m based in Slovakia.

Regards, Martin.

Hi, this must be some sort of misunderstanding, can you send me one more message so i can get this sorted asap? Sorry but this was definitely not to intentionally steal or anything like that. Martin.

Again?!? Ive sent you several messages and they went ignored. I guess I will try one more time.

Yes again since I dont recall any unanswered refund claims. As hard as it may be to believe, Im not here to scam anyone, that was never my intention. I will solve this for you and update this thread so that others know the outcome.

Alright so for anyone following, the orders have been fully refunded of course. I apologize for this and will make sure it does not happen again. Sorry.

I can say now honestly that martinsp is not a thief. Whatever happened, he stepped up and solved it. I guess my message got lost in the pile but he definitely does right by people. I apologize for coming at you so strongly @Martinsp but at the time, i felt it was the only way to be heard…

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No problem, I dont blame you I would probably do the same, nobody would be excited over spending money and not receiving the item. Glad it is sorted now. Have a nice day. :slight_smile: