VESC FAQ | How to programme VESC using BLDC tool on Linux

Learn how how to Install the BLDC tool onto linux which allow you to change the settings inside the VESC. In this video you can also learn how to detect your motor parameters. This is the most important thing to know about VESC.

Skip to 7:57 in the above video to learn how to run the motor detection inside BLDC tool. This should be done for any new motor you wish to use with the VESC

The link from above post to download the XML file has been removed as it was made using a now out of date BLDC tool version which may cause problems with new versions. Please run motor detection manually.

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This is video for the nubes and any one who needs support for the vesc.


How can I install the BLDC Tool on my Linux Laptop, using ubuntu 18.04 LTS?

Hi.i have a 220kv 2200w alien power motor with a 8s lit ion battery pack and a Vesc. i wan to programmate my vesc. could you help me to fill in the parametrs in bldc tool program?

take the vesctool. its better