VESC FAQ | My VESC Doesn't Work Help | QIQO

More & More people now have the VESC in hand and are trying to get it to function on their DIY esk8. This is great NEWS! It is a really awesome motor controller with plenty of cool features, but it is not for everyone! It can be tricky to setup. Please also remember its BETA. This means it is not a complete product, it is still evolving & improving & it doesn’t come with an instruction booklet… So please stop asking me if I forgot to include it! & No it doesn’t come in a pretty box either.

If you can’t get your VESC to work; That is;

  • Won’t connect to BLDC tool.
  • Won’t detect motors.
  • Won’t spin motors.
  • Won’t do anything.

Do These things;

  • Check that all the wires are connected & the solder joints are intact.
  • Try a different computer.
  • Uninstall all Drivers & Reinstall.
  • Use Different USB Cable.
  • Use Different power supply.
  • Check ALL the setting in the BLDC tool are correct.
  • Use another motor.
  • Use another hand controller.
  • If none of the above helps - Start again: Follow the step-by-step setup guide VIDEO

NOW: If it still doesn’t work - Do This

  • Create a new dedicated thread for your unique problem.
  • Ensure the title is accurate and highly descriptive of the problem, so others can find it. “VESC HELP” will get deleted
  • DON’T use other persons VESC thread to detail your problem, you won’t get much attention and the support the community will give will be limited and diluted & perhaps confusing.
  • In the body of your thread be VERY descriptive with explanations. Bullet form & Short sentences! Basically, tell us a short story about what happened between now and the actual split-second you received the VESC in the mail.
  • List all known facts about the problem - In bullet form. e.g. I reflashed the firmware, I changed these settings, I have windows 95, my USB cable is 15m long, I am powering from a solar panel, I wear women’s under garments!
  • Include clear, high-quality photos of your VESC clearly showing every single wire attached to it & the soldering joint for each wire. Minimum of 4 photos.
  • Take a screenshot of every page in the BLDC tool & Post it so we can see what settings you have selected.
  • Include a list of all the parts you are using, motors, controller, battery, switch, mounting hardware.

What does Quality In, Quality Out (QIQO) mean?

Quality in, quality out (QIQO) is a phrase that refers to the fact that the value of the inputs usually influences the value of the output. Quality in, quality out is a more optimistic take on the concept of garbage in, garbage out (GIGO)

If you go to this level of effort & provide quality info whilst trying to fix your VESC problem, other community members will happily reply with equally as good quality content to help you!. Eventually, every possible VESC problem will be documented online and all the answers will be easy to find.

If doing any of the above sounds like hard work DON’T BUY A VESC!

Problem-solving is a step-by-step process of elimination…