Vesc - fault_code_drv8302

After weeks of riding trough salty weather the first VESC died :smiling_imp:. I used it for at least a year in FOC, no problems at all. As you can see it went trough a lot…

Follow me on the journey :sunglasses:.


Wow look like a nice challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:… And hope there is not so much of corrosion under this salty crust… The last one I have seen with these kind of damage was damage beyond repair (well, it as also pass a few hour submerge in salty water).

Edit: here a picture of it

Wow, I can imagine the challenge :P.

I will follow your journey. :+1: Are you still driving with Encoders?

Oh my heart bleeds when I see this kind of stuff :cry: :joy: btw: the big tht diode is new, right ? Is it some kind of reverse polarity protection ?

It is a tvs diode, to protect the curcuit against overvoltage.

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After some cleaning:

Note the wear on the FET :stuck_out_tongue:.

Some possible issues:

Current sense vias are almost completely gone.

Metal plating on the caps almost completely gone.


Is this a long term solution for upgrading to direct fet :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just wondering,

……how?! :confused: I’ve never seen an epoxy case worn in that bad- Or at all, for that matter.