VESC for high torque, low speed?

I’ve got a project in mind, more scooter than skateboard but this forum seems to have some smart people. This will be for low speed (less than 15 mph, usually closer to 2 or 3) but it needs to have plenty of torque to move around 400-425 lbs (vehicle, rider, and gear) through grass and hopefully up some small hills. I’m thinking I’ll do 10s lipo (would 12s be too much for the VESC?) and 2000w sensored scooter motor chain driving 8" pneumatics (with gear reduction, can even do a jack shaft if necessary.) I can easily pick up a scooter motor controller that would be plug and play, but I really like the options, specifically telemetry outputs, of the VESC, and I want to make sure it’s suitable for this.

12s, and LOTS of heatsink.

There’s also some development in a very large vesc type esc somewhere in this fourm. But I forget the name. 14s stable though.