VESC Group buy from China => price < 80$/u

Finished Do not launch a group buy if you are < 3 lever

I would be interested but I am lost with the postage cost: do you mean it is USD 20 to send a VESC within France?

I would be interested, do you know roughly when you will be ordering them.

Also with the shipping, are you shipping them all to you and then shipping them individually to the group buyers, or straight from china to the group buyers

It’s 20$ if you send it directly but by buying 6 the shipping is only 28$ so less than 5$ for each

Then it’s a way for you to get them faster Else, the cheaper is to resend from France directly

This depend on what everyone need

I think I will command them in 2 weeks

User level 3 and above are the only ones who are permitted to run group buys.

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I think you’ll be extremely disappointed by the quality of these “VESCs”, and I’d even go so far to say that they’ll almost all be dead within 6 months of real riding. I wouldn’t recommend them. Save up a bit more and get one from a better source. Just my 2 cents.

I wasn’t trying to be rude, but I didn’t know how to say it and not sound like a douche.

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please think twice before ordering one of these “chinese VESCs”

I know that the price is always number one priority when you are trying to achieve cheap DIY builds, but in real life you will loose money twice because of that

quality of, for example, soldering on that pcbs is really crappy, propabillity ot shorts is really high in that case

and I know what I mean, I have lost 2 units like this already (Maytech), without a reason but maybe I am wrong, maybe I am doing something completely wrong, because, as I was told by Maytech, they have a really good feedback from their customers :slight_smile:

Only level 3 and above can run group buys