VESC Hall Sensor Connection

Guys, this may be a silly question, but my sensor connector from my motor doesn’t fit either of the connectors on my VESC. Am I missing something?

Yep. An adapter. Search for hall sensor adapter in the forum and see if you find yours. Or an alternative

Thanks. Does it go in P1 or P2?

I’m not sure but it looks like your vesc follows this layout. Sorry mine are another layout so i can only guess

Maybe This also helps

Yes it does, thank you, that helps. It’s P1

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I ended up buying some plugs with flyleads and soldering the new leads to the old ones and heat shrinking them. Something like this.

Thanks man but I’m not sure about the £23 shipping! :scream:

Cheers mate, I’ll grab this.

What about the wires though? I understand Gnd & 5v are at each end, but do we just miss out the temperature sensor wire and wire up the blue, white & yellow?

Just as an example.

I would buy some of these and make your own…

MOTOR SIDE >> JST-ZH 6 pin 1.5mm pitch VESC SIDE >> JST-PH 6 pin 2.0mm pitch

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Yep, for the racerstar motors on my build there is no temperature wire so I missed it out.

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Yeah this is a racestar. This build is for my son, I haven’t even got sensors on MY build! :confused:

Is C37 missing for a reason? Btw I don’t bother with adapters just snip and solder on the wires from the correct plug

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Strangely I’m doing another build for the kids now. Waiting on parts but using the 270kv motor and FVT120 esc and 6s. Cheeeeeeep

I got the JST connector for it and just spliced it with the motor sensor wires, both on ebay for only a few bucks.

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Don’t wanna take this off topic, but IMO the perfect low cost kid setup has to be the ego2 rear truck/motor(160kv) assembly, it’s $30 and comes with everything minus wheels and gear for wheel. Indestructible covers on motor and belt. 90mm wheel set with gear installed is $40.

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This is an inferior VESC from somewhere unknown, I bought it second hand from someone here on the forum, before I find out it was inferior (of course) and then had to buy another one!

I’ve already replaced a couple of caps, which one is c37 then?

I’m using this because it’s quite underpowered, perfect for my son… Lol

That’s what I’ll probably do :thumbsup: