**VESC** | Help | Remote off = Motor on break [SOLVED]

Hi guys,

Does someone experience something like that before with his VESC :

Remote on = Vesc send +/- 0,1A to motor = Motor spin freely Remote off = Vesc send +/- 0,8A to motor = Motor on break

I double check my vesc setting and here are my screenshots : It immediatly check my timeout and timeout break setting, nothing unusual here.

Remote OFF

Remote ON : (check real time date at the bottom)

Any idea ? :sweat_smile:

motor draws power when its connected, even if it does not spin

also make sure you set the ppm settings right(do the detection)

But why does the motor draw more power when the remote is off?

im not sure, check how many amps does it draw when its idling, also there could be a very small chance of the phase wires shorting but if its spins nicely by hand when the remote is on there is nothing to worry about

Tweak your pulselength and deadband. That should rectify the problem.

@SpartanFrench which remote do you have?

if its full brake then its most likely your falesafe on remote thats incorrectly set. Depends what remote tho.

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I use the nano remote from aliexpress

:white_check_mark: SOLVED :white_check_mark:

I tweaked the little screw in the middle of the blue blox (see photo above) and … … Run the detection again from VESC tool.

:fireworks: MAGIC ! :fireworks: Problem solved.

Thank @Guacamoleface for the hint.

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Glad you didnt discover it while bombing down full speed :slight_smile:

I discovered it the hard way. :joy: