VESC inspection


i am now at the point where i could start the motor detection with my vesc. but the more i read in this forum about failures the more i got scared. So as @chaka mentioned in the vesc-faq (this thread) i tried to inspect the vesc meticulously. But thats hard without completely understanding the whole board or the connections. So i thought it´s maybe a good thing for every novice to post pictures of their vesc if they find something questionable. A trained eye will see weak points immediately and hopefully can help out before frying the valuable controller.

thank you

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All looks good to me! But if it hasn’t been tested before you got it I would test it on a laptop power supply or a lab supply if you have one. This way if there is a short it wouldn’t be enough amps to fry anything.

Not sure if applicable in the ESK8 VESC application, but I have a smoke stopper that I use on all new drone builds to stop from burning anything up from a short when I first apply lipo power (4s in those scenarios). I’m posting a pic and a link below in case anyone is interested in making one.!-BUILD-A-SmokeStopper%C2%99-!

You can use 2 x 9V batteries in series to power the VESC the first time.