VESC issue? Diagnosis please

So after normally riding my board for 2 months now I experienced a failure. The board suddenly stopped.

After inspection I found one of the vesc motor wires disconnected. I connected it back, but now i get this red led signal pattern- 2 series of 3 blinks when the remote is pressed (brake or throttle).

Whats the diagnosis docs?

Plug it in to you computer, get the red blinks, then go to terminal in BLDC tool and type “faults”. It should tell you what’s wrong. Hopefully it’s not a DRV8302 error.

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It is :frowning: damn… is it junk now or?

What VESC is it? I hear VESC-x can survive a DRV8302. If it’s not, then you’ll need to replace the chip or the VESC overall.

It was an enertion standard VESC… I will contact them to see if something can be done :confused:

Yea, that sucks. You can send the VESC to @JohnnyMeduse for repair as well.

BTW what motor connectors did you use?

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4mm bullet connectors. Could a bad soldering job to this?

You mean break the DRV? Probably not, it seems that the disconnected motor wire might have caused it.

I didnt get a warranty from enertion for my vesc. Any idea where I can get it fixed in eu and approximately the price range Im looking at? Thx