VESC issues turning off after giving some throttle or makes more noise on reverse


I dunno what I’m doing wrong but I ran my VESCs of dual setup woth FOC and BLDC on current mode and when It goes on a too high load it simpelly resets it’s self kinda does that led animation like when you turn it on and goes on again which is very dangerous during ride and it happens on around 50-60% throttle.

I’ve set the BLDC settings to the defaut 40A max and running off 10S setup.

Also when I go reverse with my setup it does more electrical noise than running forwards when running on sensored setup.

Does anybody know what causes those issues?

Thanks for help.

What battery setup are you usiung?

Like I said its 10S3P samsung R25

You never said anything other than you were running a “10s setup”. :wink:

Thanks that doesn’t help…

Did you ever figure this out?

This guy hasn’t been on the forum since November



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I doubt he would have helped you anyways :joy::joy: seemed like a twat. Post your vesc settings maybe we can point irregularities out?

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I’m alright now I figured out my problem with a simple reprogram of the Vesc, just wanted to know if this person had figured out what he was doing wrong