Vesc kama controller problems

Can someone PLEASE help me this think is being a pain in the arse. I cannot find anyone who has had similar issues. The thing connects and transmits/recieves fine but as soon as i enable the controller on bldc and actually move the motor it like gets stuck and and wont return to zero or respond to anything i do for a few seconds… i was thinking maybe voltage sag on the vesc causing issues due to the motor running pulling a not so wopping 4 amps peak… so i powered the rx with the 3.3v balance tap on one of my batteries and the thing did the same deal… i then somehow managed to blow it up so im picking one up at gamestop tomarrow (hopefully) or ordering a new one… heres a video of the issue. Please help if you can.

Where is your receiver located… Kama remote are known to be easily influenced by interference, like frequency from the motor… I won’t recomment putting it near the motor lead or the vesc

Im going to agree with this… the signal wires run alongside the power wires from the center of the board to the vesc… im going to run the the torqueboard style pwm remote off ebay for about 47 dollars (better be worth it and better be here befor friday) ill run pwm and hopefully have better luck