Vesc Leds explained - SOLVED

As you can seen on the photos, i have my receiver getting power off the 5V and gnd from the vesc

Not from my understanding. Everything I’ve read says you should go from 3.6 to 4.2.

You can probably pull it down lower than a lipo with less risk, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.

Remember though, Sag needs to be accounted for.

On my space cell, at 4.2, I sag down to 4 at full throttle on flat. At 3.6, I sag to 3.2 at full throttle on flat. At 3.5, I sag to 3 at full throttle on flat.

But it depends on your cells max amps. Generally, as you get closer to their limits, they drop off quickly. Using a 20 amp cell, generally, you can do 15 amps with little sag, at 20, you will have a good sized sag. Just be aware of this, as I have messed up several lipos like this.

If your using more than one lipo in series, you could also over discharge one of them, because one might have a higher voltage than the other. Unless your run it through a bms that is.

These two cases are why you should…

A) get a battery with higher amps ratings then you will ever need B) get a battery with more range than you will ever need C) never discharge all the way down to the batteries limit

What kind of receiver are you using ?

Edit: I ask this simple question, because I see two 5v wire going to your receiver, and this look uncommon, also the 5v is provide by the DRV, witch may explain the fault.

It came with my nitro rc car.

It needs 5v as power supply…

Voltage sag is one of the reasons I like to discharge through a BMS The low voltage protection on my BMS is set at 2.8v When I was testing my new pack for max range, I ran until the BMS shut me down. (27 miles total) When I turned the board back on, the bat meter was showing over 20% remaining at rest. I,m happy to say that running it down to 2.8 did not damage any cells. I know this would not be the case with Lipos. In the future I will not running my pack bellow about 50% since 10-12 miles is about all I ever do in a single session.

have you try to power it up, without connecting the receiver ?

Yea . it worked perfect before. All is well now, it was a voltage overcharge error.

OK nice… (maybe just put solved on your topic)

I updated the title so the community knows this problem was solved.


Hey Evoheyax,

I see that You have had some issues with Focbox Unity’s not lasting.

I too have a small pile of dead Focbox Unity’s and am wondering if You know of any VESC or other ESC that you consider more reliable and less likely to break soon after installation.

In other words, do You know of any other ESC’s that seem to last longer than Enertion’s Vescs??? I would really appreciate knowing if You are aware of another ESC that lasts longer.

Thanks in advance.

For me, the official trampa vesc 6 has been the most solid vesc I’ve used beside chakas but idk if he’s still making vescs or what.