Vesc Leds explained - SOLVED

Currently I have some problems with my vesc, It wont rotate my motor. I saw that there are some leds on the vesc so i thought perhaps they mean something ? my blue and green led are constatly on and the red led is blinking. does someone know what this means ?

The Bleu is for the power, the green is for the command, the red is for the drv failure (and it is normal the see the red led blinking in the vesc boot cycle)


but i guess its not normal that it keeps blinking ?

No, it should just blink like tree time, if it keep blinking, it is most likely to be a drv fault… and of course a broken vesc… but before going to this conclusion, can you post some picture, maybe we can find something else.

You say the green light is for command. Does that mean receiver connection?

The best way to troubleshoot is to connect it to the BLDC tool and look at the error codes if any are generated.

Did you do a motor detection and everything was working - or has it never worked?

When your out riding, does the Vesc save data that you can check later on the bldc tool ?

Not really, I think it use to see when a command is pass from the micro-controller to DRV, but I maybe wrong, I didn’t take the time to read how micro-controller is program.

No, to see the data, you must leave the power on the vesc and then plug it on your computer.

Not true, the red blinking means there’s a fault code. Which could be a drv related fault code, it could mean your powering with a voltage outside of the range you set in the vesc (ie, you configured it for 38-42 volts (10s), but you are powering them with an 8s), it could be another issue.

Red blinking after the initial 3 means there’s a fault code. Hook it up to the bldc tool, connect via usb, go to live data tab, click activate sampling, and the line labeled fault code will tell you your problem (along with the other data you see there).

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agree - why it’s important to connect and get the actual error code. I had the 3 blinks (temp loss of connection/power) - from 2 different errors - Overvoltage and ABS. Adjusted settings and worked fine afterwards.

Everything was working in the past.

here are some photo’s of the vesc…

Over voltage, big thanks to you man !

If it was working and not now, and your sure our battery is in the right voltage range (you didn’t over charge or over discharge), the only way to figure anything out is to hook it up and read out the fault code. It’s likely an expensive paper weight now, like my only 2 enertion vescs did the the second day I used them.

Since i have 6S setup, shouldn’t my max voltage be 25.2V ? that’s what i had though… was an overvoltage

lipo’s are 4.2V @ max and 3.3V @ min right ?

lipo should be min of 21 (6 x 3.5), max of 25.2 (6 x 4.2). liion should be min of 21.6 (6 x 3.6), max of 25.2 (6 x 4.2).

anything past 3.5 and the voltage drops off. With sag, you will likely shorten the life of your battery. It should never get to less than 3.2 ever. Setting it to 3.3 might be ok, but you would need to determine your sag, and make sure your not sagging under 3.2.

This is what i got now, any tips ? changes max input voltage from 25.2 to 25.3 to cope with that error…

I thought Li-ion cells could safely go lower than Lipos. 3.0 volts or even 2.8v

Do you have something else plus over the 5V ?