VESC may or not be broken, need help

Hi there, I’m very close to completing my board, the my VESC isn’t cooperating. I’ll start by giving some basic information.

Enertion VESC (ordered about a month ago, received 2 weeks ago) Motor:

Batery: (I know these batteries won’t last long, but my priority is for them to take the least amount of space possible since I have a pretty flexy deck.

Now, for the actual question.

Whenever I try to do my motor detection it doesn’t work (The motor does actually nudge a bit when I power it, it also nudges during motor detection) and when I go to the realtime data tab and I try to use my remote I get the infamous ‘drv8302’ fault.

This is the way i have my VESC connected to my motor, I know this is not at all an optimal connection, but I have no proper connectors yet (i’ll just solder everything in place when I know it works) nor do I have access to any connectors atm, since I pretty much drained my bank account by buying all the parts (I guess some of you know the feeling? :D)

Could this be causing the issues I’m having, or is the VESC faulty for sure?

Also, has anyone ever used the motor I’m using, I haven’t found the perfect settings yet as the settings could probably be causing the issues aswell I suppose.

I’d really like to get some help since I’m looking forward to riding this board A LOT.

Thanks guys

Drv chip needs to be replaced. Contact enertion support. They’ll probably tell you to buy the 1 year warranty, then send it to be repaired (they might just send you a new one instead)

Did you set your motor step ramp value before doing the motor detection? I’ve been seeing a lot of problems with that value defaulting to 50 and also writing x10 the value to the vesc.