Vesc mini 6.7 or vesc 75?

I recently killed my MKSESC mini v6.7 because apparently running 48A on a product rated for 50A is too much to ask. I know this company is rubbish and they make scammy products but I cannot afford any other brands but im not sure if people have had much experience with the other version they have which is the MKSESC 75100 which is a vesc 75 clone, this is rated for 100A continuous current. I will only probably use 50A at 10s but im afraid ill kill that vesc 6 again, or i could turn the amperage way down but that’s a bit boring. They are both approximately the same price on aliexpress. $65

I only know of their 75200 model and the person who has fixed their firmware error. No other information about the 75100 unfortunately.

how is the 75200? any good?

Not without the better firmware. Maybe they fixed it. But if not, use the better firmware.

You can find it here:

I don’t know other than this.

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