VESC motor autodetection

I successfully blew up my first VESC when I tried to autodetect in BLDC mode a motor with 149KV (this motor in particular

I used 12s fully charged and the bam was quite good.

Now I am testing the same motor with a 3A - 19V power supply and a new VESC ofcourse and either in BLDC and FOC mode detection fails. In FOC only the R & L seems to succeed.

Any recommendations, on what PS supply to use for motor detection? What should be the minimum A/V specs for a PS to use?

Check if you have the battery cutoff set properly for your voltage, motor detection doesn’t work if the battery cutoff is active.

where did u get your vesc from?>

I bought the vesc from enertion last batch , it’s v4.12.

Please, what is a properly set battery cutoff for my voltage?

The battery cutoff trigger points should be lower than your voltage, so in this case lower than 19v [quote=“petmakris, post:1, topic:7522”] 3A - 19V [/quote]