VESC Motor Cogging on Startup

I am working on setting up my new electric longboard and have noticed that the motor (280kv 5055 SK3 motor) vibrates violently when I try to accelerate. The VESC is running in FOC mode but this phenominon also occurs when running BLDC. I have re-measured the inductance, resistance and flux linkage of the motor to no avail. Any help and adice would be greatly appreciated!

Is your motor sensored?

No, it’s not. I’m considering buying a Hall Effect sensor for use with this motor. Would it fix the problem? Here is a video of the cogging: video

I usually just push to get the board started before I kick in the power. I know this doesn’t solve the problem, but it works.

Yeah that fixes it, but it would be nice to have a smooth startup. Maybe its a matter of motor torque?

try accelerating slowly, starting from the very bottom of the throttle

That’s a pretty small and high KV motor for a single motor build. I’d go with a 6355 245kv.

Yes it would fix the problem.

I don’t like “uncensored” motors anymore only in porn

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The motor is just too small. 50mm need a push. 63mm can go without.

I usually give a push anyways. It’s very inefficient to start from stop. Lots of energy to get moving. Not much to keep moving.

according to video, it sounds like the belt its skipping teeth