VESC motor detection failure

Hey guys, quickly let you know my setup: 12s3p Li-ion x2 170kv Motors x2 VESC 4.12 So my board was working fine but I had a problem where my SLAVE VESC kept cutting out during use, I managed to pinpoint the problem as a bad contact on the cable from the capacitors going into the VESC. It had come loose and under vibration would disconnecct causing a spark then would reconnect once repositioned, I re-soldered this contact and the disconnection problem stopped.

My problem still is doing a motor detection, I keep receiving “Bad Detection Result Recieved” message. When I type “Fault” or “Faults” in the terminal page it tells me “No faults registered since startup” or “FAULT_CODE_NONE”. On top of this the LED lights are functioning as normal and when I use the directional keys within BLDC Tool the lights change accordingly but with no movement from the motor.

I have tested this motor on my MASTER VESC and it works fine so it rules out motor troubles. I then re-flashed the firmware on the SLAVE VESC but im still unable to run a motor detection. When I “Activate Sampling” in the Realtime Data tab I get seemingly normal responses in the graphs but nothing from the motor.

After re-flashing the firmware all my settings are Default Settings for VESC 4.12/Firmware 2.52.

Is there something more I can do to figure out the problem? Anyone got suggestions as to what this is?